New York Design Center – 200 Lexington Avenue

New York Design Center – 200 Lexington Avenue

The New York Design Center, also known as 200 Lexington Avenue, is home to more than 100 mind-blowing showrooms that are open to homeowners and the design trade alike. Whether you’re in search near me design center-specific item or simply want to find inspiration, this is your go-to resource for kitchen and bath products and design expertise.

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While most design centers are only open to interior designers, architects, and builders, some are now opening their doors to the general public. If you’re considering visiting one of these showrooms, inquire at the information desk for details on how to work with a designer to facilitate purchases and obtain wholesale or “net” pricing. Some showrooms may allow you to take a picture of furniture, decor or fabrics that you like; others may provide a “cut sheet” that catalogs an image that you can purchase. Some also have lectures and events that are free to the public, so inquire at the information desk about future lectures. The New York Design Center, America’s oldest design center, at 200 Lexington Avenue is a source of inspiration and products for home furnishings from more than 100 independent showrooms.

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Homeowners, interior designers, and contractors visit our Design Centers for a variety of reasons. The centers are collaborative workspaces for the design community and they’re also open to the general public, giving everyone an opportunity to explore a refined selection of today’s most sought-after features and finishes. From kitchen cabinets to stylish bathroom fixtures, flooring, and more, visitors can find inspiration for a look that is deeply personal and uniquely theirs. Visit your local Design Center today.